Whole body cryotherapy is a treatment used for reducing inflammation and much more using extremely cold air. After removing clothes and jewelry, clients step into our cryotherapy chamber and have the option of six temperature levels ranging from -60 degrees Fahrenheit down to -220 degrees Fahrenheit. From there they stand in the chamber for just a few minutes. Gloves, socks, and slippers are provided for your convenience.

Once the session begins, so does the fun. Chat with our facilitator, sing to music, tell us about your weekend, your aches and pains, fitness goals, warrior workouts, anything at all. Three minutes will fly by and you will feel refreshed and invigorated. Many of our guests feel relief from soreness immediately leaving them ready to tackle the rest of the week.

Our clients range in ages from 14 through late 60’s; although, there is no age limit as long as an individual has none of the contraindications such as pregnancy, high blood pressure, or open wounds. A complete list can be found on our FAQ page.

Cryotherapy is cold therapy. It has been used for treating inflammation and pain since the days of ancient Greece. Whole body cryotherapy gained more local recognition when the Dallas Mavericks used it in 2011 during their NBA Championship run. It is a growing industry. Some benefits of whole body cryotherapy include relief of chronic pain, decreased inflammation, increased muscle recovery, increased metabolic rate (burning 50-800 calories), increased circulation, reduced anxiety and depression, treatment of eczema and acne, treatment of migraine headaches, reduction of cellulite, tighter, more youthful skin, and better sleep. It is an all-natural and drug-free way to manage pain and inflammation in our bodies. Cryotherapy is beneficial for so many reasons!

Our studio is located in Schererville, Indiana at 2204 US 41. You can find us inside of Abstract Fitness. We offer whole body cryotherapy, NormaTec Recovery Boots, and massage; along with personal and group fitness instruction for every age and fitness level. You can book a session or just walk in, and if our hours don’t fit your schedule, call us and we can schedule an appointment for you! Another option for something fun to do is a Cryo and Chill party. You bring the group and we’ll have our cryotherapy chamber ready to invigorate. Your guests can cryo at a reduced rate and the host or hostess gets a great discount!

We look forward to sharing the benefits of whole body cryotherapy with you at NWI Cryotherapy & Fitness. Come cryo with us! Book now!